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2018 Gas Separation (Cryogenic) Equipment Industry Development Forum has come to a successful conclusion
Published: Mar 22, 2022 clip:
                                                   On October 26, 2018, the chairman of the company and several people went to Shanghai to attend the gas separation Equipment meeting held by China General Machinery Industry Association

                                                   2018 Gas Separation (Cryogenic) Equipment Industry.

                                                   This forum invites various professional design institutes, Hangyang, Sichuan Air, Kaiair, Linde, liquid air, AP, Praxair, Shen Gu, Siemens,

                                                   Manto and other well-known domestic and foreign complete sets of supporting equipment enterprises, industry technical experts to discuss together. The theme is "High technology, high standard"

                                                   Quasi - and high-performance ", discuss the future status and trend of air separation. On the morning of 26th, we visited the 9th Fluid Exhibition. In the afternoon, industry experts discussed with 

                                                   each other.