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Complete set of air separation products

All kinds of air separation equipment products are the leading products of our company: complete air separation engineering, complete high purity nitrogen engineering and complete liquefaction engineering.
The air separation equipment designed and manufactured by chuntai cryogenic equipment co., LTD has been serialized.In recent years, the company has independently developed the process air separation equipment for molecular sieve purification with pressurized expansion machine, and regulated the rectifying column of stuffing, non-hydrogen production of argon and large internal compression process.

The air separation equipment designed and manufactured by our company includes:40003/h、65000 m3/h、7500 m3/h、10000 m3/h、15000 m3/h、20000 m3/h Grade and high purity nitrogen series equipment. Our company further expands the international market and exports Vietnam's 3,800 m3/h air separation equipment and various types of full-liquid equipment.

Our company can also design and manufacture complete extraction air separation equipment according to the specific requirements of users. We can also produce air and liquid products of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and rare gases at the same time, or air and liquid products of oxygen or nitrogen separately.