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Partial unit equipment of oxygen and nitrogen press system

My company design of centrifugal air compressor are H and DA type two kinds big, flow range covers 100 m3 / min to 1800 m3 / min, single exhaust pressure of 1.0 Mpa, supercharger exhaust pressure is 2.0 Mpa, unit adopts advanced three dimensional flow, efficient vaned diffuser, rotating impeller blade inlet regulator, high precision carburizing gear speeder, modified form elliptical bearing, dislocation sliding bearing and tilting watts, large sets of advanced technology such as gas cooler and the structure,The unit has the advantages of compact structure, reasonable layout, high isothermal efficiency, wide operating range, low vibration, low noise, simple foundation installation and convenient operation and maintenance.The advanced on-line monitoring instrument and anti-surge vibration control system of shaft vibration, shaft displacement and other operating parameters ensure the long-term, safe and stable operation of the unit.