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Reciprocating compressor

Our company has designed, developed, developed and produced 1 ~ 16 tons of piston force, air displacement from 300 m3/h to 6500 m3/h, and exhaust pressure from 0.2 ~ 6.4Mpa of various types of vertical reciprocating piston oxygen, nitrogen and air compressor.All kinds of reciprocating piston compressor products are designed according to the special requirements of different users.

In recent years, the company has introduced foreign advanced technology and key manufacturing equipment, optimized design by computer, and adopted new materials and technologies, so as to ensure the quality of our company's reciprocating compressor reliably.

1. Good effect of non-lubricated sealing; the compressed gas is not polluted by oil, which can keep the high purity of the gas and ensure safe and reliable operation.

2. The working surface of the cylinder does not bear the piston weight, so that the cylinder and piston ring wear is small and even, and the guide ring, piston ring and packing have a long service life.

3. Compact structure and small area.

4. The inertial vertical action of the reciprocating moving parts is on the foundation, while the capacity of the foundation to resist vertical vibration is relatively strong and the size can be smaller.