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Xuchang Changge Jinhui Gas YPON-3000 liquefaction unit project started successfully
Published: Mar 22, 2022 clip:
In June 2019, changge Jinhui Gas YPON-3000 liquefaction unit project was successfully started for the first time, and qualified liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen products were produced. All indicators were in normal operation.

Kaifeng Chuntai Low Temperature Co., Ltd. surmounted difficulties, careful management, scientific organization, design, procurement, construction and other departments tenacious struggle, full cooperation, go all out to ensure the smooth operation of the device.

It is understood that this device adopts the nitrogen refrigeration cycle of the pressurized turbo expander. The nitrogen in the medium-pressure nitrogen net and the nitrogen with pressure circulation from the liquefaction device are converged and pressurized by the circulating compressor and then entered into the supercharger through the end cooler. The supercharged nitrogen is cooled to room temperature by the cooler and further cooled by the main heat exchanger. After cooling to 258K, the backward low-temperature air conditioning unit is cooled to 240K and then enters the main heat exchanger again. Part of it is cooled to 173K after heat exchange and comes out of the main heat exchange and enters the expansion end of the turbocharged turbine expander. After the expansion, the nitrogen pressure drops to about 0.35mpa, and the temperature drops to ~ 102.4K. The nitrogen is returned to the main heat exchanger to provide cooling capacity for the equipment, and the nitrogen is reheated back to the circulating nitrogen compressor. The other part of nitrogen is cooled into liquid, and the liquefied liquid nitrogen is throttled and then fed into the oxygen exchanger, which is cooled by heat exchange with the raw material oxygen, and the oxygen is liquefied and throttled to 0.3mpa and sent to the storage tank through the liquid measuring cylinder.