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The KDON-150/4000 air separation unit of Sichuan Dazhou Qujiang Cast Pipe Co., LTD was put into operation smoothly
Published: Mar 22, 2022 clip:
 A set of air separation equipment, KDON-150/4000, built by our company for Dazhou Qujiang Cast Pipe Co., LTD., has been successfully put into operation on October 10, 2020. With the joint efforts and cooperation of party A and Party B, the air separation device works stably and the oxygen and nitrogen product indexes meet the design standards.

The air separation equipment of Kaifeng Chuntai Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd. will help Dazhou Qujiang Cast Pipe Co., Ltd. to further enhance safety and reliability while improving energy efficiency. This successful implementation is the result of a strong partnership between our two companies and we look forward to a long and successful business relationship in the future.