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Published: Aug 04, 2018 clip:
The KDON (Ar) -6500/650/180 air zone argon provided by our company to changge jinhui zhongli gas co., ltd. in the second phase of oxygen production was successfully driven in 2017, and the product indicators all reached or exceeded the design value, especially the stable production of product argon.
KDON (Ar) -15000/15000/500(with argon) air separation yield and purity.

The product name

production Nm3/h The purity Outlet pressure MPa(G)


Exit temperature ℃ note
oxygen 6500 99.6%O2 0.02 40 External compression 


3.0 MPa
Liquid oxygen 100 99.6%O2 0.05 saturated Into the storage tank
nitrogen 6500

≤10PPm O2

0.015 40 External compression 


2.5 MPa
Liquid argon 180

≤2PPm O2

≤3PPm N2

0.05 saturated Into the storage tank