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Published: Aug 04, 2018 clip:
The KDON-8500/8500 air mark provided by our company for sichuan dazhou canal river casting pipe co., LTD was successfully driven in 2009, and the product indexes reached or exceeded the design value.

Product parameters of the device


production(Nm3/h) The purity Outlet pressure
oxygen 8500 99.6%O2 0.12MPa(A)


Liquid oxygen 100 99.6%O2 0.13MPa(A)


nitrogen 8500 <5×10-602 0.108MPa(A)


Liquid nitrogen 100 <10×10-602 0.13MPa(A)


Note: in addition to the special mark, the product shall mean under standard condition (101.3 Kpa) 0 ℃, gas flow rate. Pressure refers to the surface pressure.
Liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen are produced at different times.