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Sichuan dazhou channel river casting co. LTD. Oxygen production
Published: Aug 04, 2018 clip:
The kdon-1500/15,000 air mark provided by our company for sichuan dazhou canal river casting pipe co., LTD was successfully driven in 2013, and the product indexes all reached or exceeded the design value.

Output and purity (out of cooler)
products traffic (m3/h)


The purity Outlet pressure(MPaG) note
oxygen 15000

≥99.6% O2



nitrogen 15000

≥99.99% N2



Liquid oxygen 200

≥99.6% O2


note:⑴ The liquid oxygen product is multiplied by 3 to calculate the energy consumption
⑵M3 / h refers to 0 ℃, and 760 MMHG traffic conditions.