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Published: Aug 04, 2018 clip:
The KDON-18000/18000 air mark provided by our company for xinjiang fengtai iron and steel co., LTD was successfully driven in 2014, and the product indexes all reached or exceeded the design value.

1.1、Under the basic design conditions of the air separation device, the performance indicators of the air separation device are as follows:

The product name

Yield Nm3 / h The purity Outside pressureMpa(G)


Exit temperature ℃ note
Oxygen gas 18000


0.25 40 External compression
Liquid oxygen 300


0.15 saturated Into the storage tank
Nitrogen gas 10000


0.25 40 External compression
Nitrogen gas 10000


1.0 40 External compression
Liquid nitrogen 200


saturated Too cold Into the storage tank
Liquid argon 550





Into the storage tank


note:(1)Liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen are not simultaneously extracted.
(2)Nm3 / h refers to 0.1013 Mpa (A), 0 ℃ volume flow.
(3) The output of liquid products is multiplied by three units of oxygen production energy consumption.
1.2、Operating cycle (interval between two major heating cycles) 2 years
1.3、Warm thaw time 40h
1.4、Start-up time of the device (from the start of the expansion machine to the purity of the oxygen product) 36h
1.5、The operating load of the device is 45% -115%